Leasing a van for couriers

Are you a courier looking for a reliable van, but don't want to make a large investment in one go? Then leasing a company car at Bedrijfswagenleasing is the solution.

To make things as easy as possible for you, Bedrijfswagenleasing offers you the option of taking out a full operational lease contract. This means that all costs, excluding any fines and fuel costs, are included in the monthly lease amount. This means you don't have to worry about anything and you can hit the road carefree.

In addition, as a courier it is of course important that your van meets various requirements. Consider, for example, sufficient loading space, so that you can take all your goods with you, but also consider a delivery van that drives comfortably, since you will be on the road a lot. Fortunately, we have various commercial vehicles in stock that are suitable for you as a courier. View the offer below.

The conditions

If you want to lease a van from Bedrijfswagenleasing as a courier, there are special conditions that you must meet. These are the following conditions:

  • You must be at least 24 years or older
  • You have held a driver's license for 5 years or more
  • You have not had a driving ban in the past 5 years
  • This is a contract with a minimum duration of 6 months
  • Your customer contact details must be placed on the company car (decals)
  • You pay a deposit of €2,500
  • The deductible is €1,000

Request courier

Please note: you must be at least 23 years old to lease this car.

Are you interested in leasing a delivery van, but can't figure it out yourself? Then please contact one of our advisors. We are happy to help you.


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