Article 1. Definitions

Lessee / you / your: You as the contracting party of Lease 2.0. You are a legal entity or a natural person exercising a profession or business.

Lessor / Lease 2.0 / we / us: Lease 2.0 BV, we focus on renting/leasing vehicles to companies based in the Netherlands. We use various trade names, including: Shortleaseland, Shortleasemarkt, Dealerleasing and Bedrijfswagenleasing.

Terms and Conditions: the General Terms and Conditions described in this document, which apply to the lease contract concluded between you and Lease 2.0. By signing the lease contract you agree to our General Terms and Conditions. The (general) terms and conditions of your
company do not apply to the lease contract that we conclude with each other.

Vehicle: The vehicle described in your lease contract that you rent from us, including options, accessories and accessories.

Lease contract: The rental agreement that we have concluded with you for the rental of the vehicle. In the event of conflicting provisions in the lease contract and these General Terms and Conditions, the agreements made in the lease contract take precedence.

Director: The regular driver of the vehicle specified in your lease contract.

Article 2. Conclusion and delivery

2.1. Conclusion of the lease contract
a. By signing the lease contract, you declare that you agree with the agreements in the lease contract and these General Terms and Conditions.
b. Our quotations, quotations and other offers are always subject to acceptance. After final acceptance by Lease 2.0, your and our obligations commence.
c. Do you want to cancel the lease contract after signing? In that case you will owe cancellation costs. The amount of the cancellation costs depends on the costs incurred by us and lost income and amounts to a minimum of € 350.00.

2.2. Vehicle delivery appointment
a. As soon as we have received all necessary documents and information, we will make an appointment for the delivery of the vehicle.
b. The deposit and first lease installment must be credited to our account no later than two working days before delivery of the vehicle. Have you not met this condition? We will then move the delivery date. If we are forced to move the delivery date, we may replace the vehicle as described in your lease contract with an equivalent vehicle.
c. The actual delivery date may differ from your desired delivery date without any consequences for us.
d. The vehicle must always be delivered to you within thirty days of signing the agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.3. Commissioning of vehicle
a. A commissioning form is signed upon receipt of the vehicle. This records, among other things, the condition of the vehicle, the mileage, the items supplied and the time of delivery. You, the regular driver, or another person authorized by you, can sign for receipt. We ask for a valid ID from the person signing.
b. You can pick up the vehicle at our location. You can also use our home delivery service for a fee.

2.4. Start of lease period
a. The lease period (term) starts at the moment the vehicle is delivered.
b. Are you picking up the vehicle later than agreed? Or have we been forced to postpone delivery because the deposit and/or first lease installment has not been credited to our account in time? The lease period then commences on the first agreed delivery date.

2.5. Temporary vehicle
a. If you wish, we can provide a temporary vehicle until your permanent vehicle is delivered.
b. The rate and any additional conditions will be determined in consultation with you.

Article 3. Lease rate and lease components
3.1. Lease rate
You pay Lease 2.0 a fixed lease rate per day/month, agreed in your lease contract. The lease rate depends on, among other things, the selected vehicle, the term, the annual mileage and the agreed lease components. The lease rate can be adjusted in the following cases:
a. Addition of additional lease components;
If we add additional services to the lease contract at your request.
b. Cost changes resulting from government measures;
Cost-increasing measures for owning/using/renting the vehicle, or a reducing effect on the residual value of the vehicle. For example, we have the right to charge you for changes in VAT, BPM, insurance tax, motor vehicle tax or the introduction of, for example, kilometer tax, as of the effective date.
c. The costs of insurance and/or coverage against comprehensive damage are increasing;
For example, the increase in insurance premiums by our insurer, or if, in our opinion, your comprehensive damage history gives reason to do so.
d. Indexing repairs, maintenance and tires as well as replacement transport.
If the costs for repairs, maintenance, tires and replacement transport have increased by more than 5% since the start of the lease period (in accordance with the CBP price index, car repairs and car parts section), we can pass this on in the lease rate. You will be notified of changes to your lease rate on the basis of heading c. and d. informed at least 30 days in advance.

3.2. Lease components
a. Your lease contract states which of the following components are included in the lease rate, or for which we bear the costs:
▪ Depreciation: the costs related to regular depreciation of the vehicle during use;
▪ Interest: the financing costs of the vehicle;
▪ Third party/casco insurance: the premium for the WAM insurance and the costs for bearing the hull risk;
▪ Ownership tax: also called motor vehicle tax or road tax;
▪ Repairs & Maintenance: repairs, periodic maintenance and MOT inspections;
▪ Tires: replacing tires;
▪ Roadside assistance: breakdown assistance at home and abroad;
▪ Replacement transport: a replacement vehicle if your vehicle is unavailable due to repairs;
▪ Passenger damage insurance: premium for damage to passenger insurance;
▪ fuel or charging card.
b. You will bear any costs for components not included in your lease contract yourself.
c. Other costs related to the use of the vehicle are at your expense. For example, you can think of:
▪ Fuel and Adblue;
▪ Daily maintenance (refilling oil and fluids between maintenance visits);
▪ Parking costs, storage costs and tolls;
▪ Traffic fines;
▪ Cleaning the vehicle;
▪ Updates to the navigation system;
▪ Costs for adding accessories that become necessary due to legal regulations.

3.3. WAM insurance and comprehensive coverage
WAM insurance
a. The vehicle is insured by Lease 2.0 against the risk of legal liability for damage to third parties.
b. The insurer covers the damage caused by the third party up to € 2,500,000 in material damage and € 6,070,000 in personal damage, subject to the exclusions stated in these General Terms and Conditions or in the insurance conditions.
c. Standard exclusions apply to WAM insurance, whereby you are responsible for damage suffered by third parties. For example, damage that occurred: outside the coverage area (mentioned on the green card), if the driver was under the influence of drugs/alcohol, during joyriding, due to recklessness, due to intent, during speed tests or due to actions contrary to provisions in the lease contract or these General Terms and Conditions.
d. You can request the detailed Insurance Conditions from Lease 2.0.
Airframe coverage
e. Lease 2.0 or its insurer bears the risk of hull damage.
f. The comprehensive coverage includes non-recoverable damage to your own vehicle and theft thereof. Your personal belongings in the vehicle are not insured.
g. The exclusions that apply to WAM insurance also apply here. In addition, additional exclusions apply to comprehensive coverage, whereby you are fully liable for damage to the vehicle. For example, damage that has arisen:
while you act in violation of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions (such as during unauthorized activities or by unauthorized drivers) and by careless actions (such as theft of or from the vehicle if it was unlocked or the keys were left unattended).
h. If there is an exclusion, the full damage can be recovered from you and you are liable for it.
i. The extensive coverage conditions are included in the Casco Conditions, which are available for inspection at Lease 2.0.

3.4. Repair and maintenance
a. We expect you, as a 'good man', to take care of the maintenance of the vehicle.
b. This way you ensure that the tire pressure, oil and fluids are maintained at the correct level. You use the fuels, oils and fluids prescribed by the manufacturer.
c. In addition, you ensure that maintenance and any repairs are carried out on time, in accordance with the instructions in the instruction booklet and by us.
d. We bear the costs of periodic maintenance and necessary repairs. The condition for this is that the work is carried out with our permission and by a garage of our choice.
e. You can also incur costs abroad with our prior permission. In this case, we request that you pay the amount yourself and declare the invoice to us. Make sure that the vehicle registration number is clearly stated on the invoice. We reimburse the amount excluding foreign sales tax. You can reclaim the amount of foreign sales tax paid yourself.
f. If we incur additional costs due to improper use of the vehicle, negligence, abnormal wear and tear or late maintenance, necessary repairs or periodic inspections, we will charge you for the costs incurred. Our judgment is decisive.

3.5. Tyres
a. Lease 2.0 pays for tire replacement due to normal wear and tear.
b. Do the tires wear out much faster than expected with normal use? We are then entitled to charge the costs to you.

3.6. Roadside assistance
a. If breakdown assistance is part of your lease contract, you are entitled to breakdown assistance.
b. If you have a breakdown at home or abroad due to a mechanical defect in the vehicle, you can contact our emergency number.
c. Breakdown assistance consists of an emergency repair on site, and if that is not possible, transport of the vehicle and passengers to a repair company.
d. Are you stranded but are you not entitled to free roadside assistance because you are responsible for the defect? The costs for this will be at your expense. For example, standing still with an empty fuel tank or filling up with the wrong fuel. In this case you can use our emergency number.

3.7. Replacement vehicle
a. If replacement transport is part of your lease contract, we will provide replacement transport when your vehicle is temporarily unavailable due to repairs or damage repairs carried out in the Netherlands.
b. There may be a waiting period before you are entitled to alternative transport. The waiting period is stated on your lease contract. Sundays and public holidays are not included. Is there no waiting period included in your lease contract? Then you are immediately entitled to alternative transport.
c. As far as possible, we will try to arrange comparable replacement transport for you. In case of limited availability you will receive a vehicle from a different category. If we wish to exchange the replacement vehicle for another one, you are expected to cooperate.
d. The right to replacement transport does not apply if the repair is necessary following improper use, negligence, if it concerns non-covered damage or if the general terms and conditions have been violated in any way.
e. The right to replacement transport ends as soon as the vehicle is available again. Do you continue to drive in the replacement vehicle longer than necessary? We will then charge you the costs for which you owe.
f. If you have access to a replacement vehicle, your lease contract will continue as normal. The days and kilometers you drive in the replacement vehicle count when determining the number of kilometers driven within your lease contract.
g. You pay the fuel costs of the replacement vehicle and the other costs mentioned in article 3.2.c.

3.8. Damage for passenger insurance
a. You have passenger damage insurance if it is included in your lease contract.
b. The insurer covers damage to the driver and/or other passengers caused by an accident with the vehicle. Material and immaterial damage is covered up to a maximum amount of €250,000 per claim.
c. Lease 2.0 is entitled to recover damages paid by the insurer from you if it appears that the damage is due to you acting in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.
d. The Insurance Conditions are available for inspection at Lease2.0.

3.9. Fuel pass
a. If fuel is part of the lease contract, you will receive a pass with which you can refill fuel or charge electricity.
b. You pay us a deposit for this pass. The actual costs are periodically settled directly with you by the card supplier.
c. In the event of structural cost overruns, we may adjust your periodic advance.
d. You may only use the pass to refuel/load the leased vehicle and any replacement vehicle.
e. No VAT is reclaimed for refueling abroad.
f. You are responsible for all transactions made with the card, with and without your permission. In the event of unauthorized use, loss, theft, etc., please report this to us immediately. We will then have the pass blocked as soon as possible.
g. You pay a fee for using the fuel card. The compensation is included in your lease rate.

Article 4. Damage and theft

4.1. Injury
a. Have you caused damage to the vehicle and/or to a third party? Then complete (together with the counterparty if applicable) the Standard European Claims Form as best as possible. Complete both the front and the back.
b. If there is a counterparty, the insurers mutually determine where the liability lies. Therefore, do not ask the other party or give an admission of guilt yourself.
c. Report the damage to us within 48 hours, including a completed Standard European Damage Form. We indicate where you can have the vehicle repaired. If you do not report the damage, we are entitled to charge you for the entire damage.
d. Do not continue driving the vehicle if this will increase the damage. If the vehicle is in a dangerous place or hinders traffic, it may of course be moved. If in doubt, you should always contact us to avoid personal liability for damage.

4.2. Theft
a. In the event of theft, loss or burglary, please report this to us as soon as possible, but no later than within 24 hours.
b. You also report it to the police. We would like to receive the tax return documents as soon as possible, but no later than two days after the tax return date.
c. We will provide you with a replacement vehicle if the vehicle is missing.

4.3. Own risk
a. Have you caused damage? Then there may be a deductible.
b. The amounts below are the maximum deductibles per claim. The personal contribution is never higher than the actual damage amount.
▪ Non-recoverable damages:
– First damage: €495 (unless stated otherwise on your lease contract)
– Following damages: €1,000
▪ A different deductible applies for the following damages:
– Overhead damage: €1,000 (damage above 1.90m measured from the ground)
– Theft: €1,000.
– Total loss: €1,000.
– Window damage: €75 (due to stone chipping)
– Window breakage: €249 (due to stone chipping)
c. Naturally, no deductible applies to recoverable damages.
d. In the event of damage attributable to you due to actions contrary to the General Terms and Conditions, there is no deductible, but you are liable for the entire damage.
e. If you cause damage to an opposing party, we will apply a third party liability deductible (regardless of the damage to your own vehicle).

Article 5. More kilometers

5.1. Mileage
a. By signing your lease contract you agree to the built-in GPS technology in your vehicle.
b. We read the odometer readings of your vehicle using the GPS box. You therefore do not have to periodically report the mileage to us, which is handy. If we do ask you to provide us with your mileage, you must cooperate immediately.
c. The starting mileage of your lease contract is the mileage of the vehicle at the Lease 2.0 location, even if you use our home delivery service.
d. The final mileage is also the position on location of Lease 2.0, even if you wish to use our pick-up service.
e. If the odometer of your vehicle is defective, please report this to us within 24 hours. We will determine the number of kilometers driven with a defective odometer together with you.

5.2. Additional kilometer settlement
a. Your lease contract includes a maximum number of kilometers per year. Do you drive more kilometers than the maximum permitted? We will then charge you an amount for each additional kilometer driven, as stated in your Lease Contract.
b. We have the right to settle any additional kilometers driven with you on a monthly basis. A kilometer settlement is always made when the vehicle is returned.
c. Kilometer settlements take into account the cumulative additional kilometers over the number of months of your lease contract. For example, do you have a maximum number of kilometers of 2,000 per month? And if you drive 1,000 kilometers one month and 3,000 kilometers the next month, you will not pay any additional kilometers on balance.

Suppose you have a lease contract with a maximum of 2,000 kilometers per month. The price for more kilometers is € 0.06.
After 5 months you have driven 8,000 kilometers. According to the contract, you were allowed to drive a maximum of 10,000 kilometers (5 times 2,000). That's why you need us nothing to pay extra.
In the next 5 months you will drive 12,000 kilometers. You will have driven 20,000 kilometers after 10 months. We look at what you average per month month, not to each month separately. You have driven an average of 2,000 kilometers per month, which is within your maximum
lease contract. You therefore do not have to pay for the additional kilometers.
In the next 5 months you will drive another 12,000 kilometers. That is a total of 32,000 kilometers after 15 months. Because the number of kilometers driven is higher than agreed (15 times 2,000 is 30,000), we will settle the additional kilometers with you. The number of additional kilometers is 2,000. That's why you pay us 2,000 times €0.06 (€120).
In the last 5 months you have driven 8,000 kilometers. When the vehicle is returned after 20 months, the mileage will be 40,000. So you have driven an average of 2,000 kilometers per month (40,000 divided by 20), as agreed in the contract. That is why you will receive the € 120 that you send us 15 months has paid back in full.

5.3. Structural more kilometers
a. Do you drive (much) more kilometers per month than agreed in your lease contract? We can then make a proposal to adjust the lease contract to a higher mileage.
b. The contract adjustment will be to your advantage. This means that your lease rate will increase less than if you were to receive a monthly one-kilometre settlement under your old contract. Due to the contract adjustment, you pay less on balance (with the same kilometers) and better spread over time, instead of high bills afterwards.

Article 6. Use of the Vehicle

6.1. Use carefully
a. We expect you to handle the vehicle with due care.
b. This means that you use it carefully and in a proper manner and ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition.
c. You use the vehicle for what it is intended and equipped for.
d. You are responsible for the timely maintenance and inspection of the vehicle.
e. Any costs incurred as a result will be at your own expense.
f. The vehicle is equipped with telematics, which can be used to monitor driving behavior

6.2. Restriction of use
a. The vehicle may not be used for: without prior written permission from Lease 2.0:
▪ Paid passenger transport (including Uber);
▪ Courier services;
▪ Driving lessons;
▪ Resale/Rental;
▪ Transport of hazardous substances;
▪ Car sharing concepts;
b. Under no circumstances may the vehicle be used for:
▪ Driving on circuits;
▪ Driving on terrains for which it is not suitable;
▪ Activities or places for which the WAM insurer or Casco risk bearer does not provide coverage;
▪ Illegal activities.
Suspicion of this will lead to immediate termination of your lease contract.

6.3. Drivers
a. The vehicle may be driven by the regular driver as appointed on your lease contract and his or her family members.
b. Persons driving the vehicle must be in possession of a valid Dutch driver's license (for the relevant vehicle category). Minors with a 2toDrive driver's license are not allowed to drive the vehicle.
c. The person must of course be legally authorized and able to drive the vehicle. Please be aware that you are responsible for the actions of other users as if they were your own. In the case of serious traffic violations, the police or the Public Prosecution Service may ask us who was driving the vehicle at the time of the violation. It is therefore important that you can indicate who drove the vehicle and when, otherwise you will be responsible for the (financial) consequences of the violation.
d. The exception to this is theft and loss. You are not liable for anything that happens to the vehicle after theft or loss, provided that you report the theft or loss to us within 24 hours and report it to the police and provided that the theft of or from the vehicle was not the result of failure to do so. properly locking the vehicle or if the keys were left unattended.

6.4. Property
a. The vehicle is legally and beneficially owned by Lease 2.0, or by a third party. You are only the holder/renter of the vehicle.
b. You may therefore not sell, (sub)let, dispose of, pledge, or encumber the vehicle in any other way.
c. We may wish to inspect the vehicle during the term of your lease contract. You are obliged to cooperate with this.

6.5. Seizure
a. If someone tries to seize the vehicle, for example a bailiff or the police, you must inform the seizing agent that the vehicle is a lease vehicle and therefore not your property.
b. You will contact us immediately to inform us of the attempted seizure.
c. You are responsible for all costs resulting from an (attempted) seizure.

6.6. Make changes
a. You may make accessories, advertisements and other changes to the vehicle, provided that you can and will return the vehicle to its original condition for return.
b. Any costs that we are forced to incur to return the vehicle to its original condition will be fully charged to you.
c. For changes that are permanent in nature, you require prior written permission from Lease 2.0. When you return the vehicle, you will not receive any compensation for the permanently installed accessory and the accessory will become the property of Lease 2.0.
d. The costs for the changes, as well as their maintenance, insurance and repairs, are at your own expense.

6.7. Gray license plates
a. Are you renting a van from us with a so-called gray license plate? Then it is important that you meet the conditions for exemption from BPM under the entrepreneurs scheme.
b. By signing the lease contract you declare:
▪ To be a company with a Chamber of Commerce number and a VAT number;
▪ Use the vehicle more than incidentally for your company (at least 10% of the kilometers driven on an annual basis);
▪ Not to modify the vehicle in such a way that the vehicle no longer meets the design requirements for vans of the Tax Authorities.
c. Any fines and additional BPM assessments from the tax authorities due to failure to fully meet the requirements set by them during the entire term of your lease contract will be fully charged to you.

Article 7. Financial conditions

7.1. Deposit
a. We may request that you pay a deposit prior to delivery of your vehicle. The amount of the deposit is stated on your lease contract. We are not obliged to deliver the vehicle if the deposit has not been paid.
b. After the expiry of your lease contract, the deposit will be refunded within 6 weeks, provided you have met all payment obligations arising from your lease contract(s).
c. The deposit will be deducted from your outstanding invoices, including costs for reminders, notice of default and termination of the agreement.
d. You may not offset the deposit against the lease term or other amounts payable.

7.2. Payment of invoices
a. You agree to direct debit of invoices arising from your lease contract. You sign a SEPA direct debit authorization for this, and ensure that you are registered with your bank and have sufficient funds in your account.
b. If, regardless of the reason, we are unable to collect the invoices automatically, you are responsible for timely manual payment of the invoices.
c. The lease term of your lease contract must be paid in advance (no later than the 1st day of the period to which the invoice relates). For other invoices, the payment term as stated on the invoice applies (standard 8 days).
d. You may not suspend your payments to us and/or offset any amounts you may owe from us. In that case we will send you a credit note.

7.3. Failure to pay
a. If payment is not made after the final payment date has passed, we are entitled to charge you costs:
▪ If the payment term has expired, we will send you a reminder, the costs of which are €25.
▪ Is the payment delayed? We will then send you a notice of default, the costs of which are €50.
▪ Are we forced to terminate the lease contract following the notice of default? We will then charge you €225 plus any transport costs for the vehicle.
b. If you pay late, you will be in default from the moment the payment term is exceeded. We are entitled to charge you late payment interest of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance.
c. We may transfer claims for which you have been declared in default and for which payment has not been made to a collection agency, bailiff or lawyer. The collection costs, (extra)judicial costs and other costs that we incur to protect our rights are entirely at your expense.
d. We are entitled to settle outstanding invoices between our labels (including Shortleaseland, Shortleasemarkt, Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Dealerleasing).

7.4. Fines and decisions
a. If we receive fines for the vehicle, we will pass these on to you.
b. Fines include: fines, parking taxes, unpaid tolls, etc. But also costs related to the fines such as reminders, increases and (extra)judicial collection costs.
c. Please note: we pay the fine to the relevant authority, you pay the fine to us.
d. We charge administration costs (€15 per time) for the administrative processing of fines.

Article 8. Termination of the Lease Contract

8.1. Regular termination
a. Request for termination within the contractual term
It is not possible for you to terminate the lease contract before the contractual end date. You can submit a request to us for early termination. You must then take into account a termination fee to compensate for the loss of income suffered from Lease 2.0.
b. End date of your lease contract You can terminate the lease contract by returning the vehicle on the day on which the term stated in your lease contract has expired. Are you not returning the vehicle this day (or another day agreed with one of our colleagues)?
The lease contract will then be tacitly extended by one calendar month. All provisions in your lease contract and these General Terms and Conditions remain in full force.
c. Cancellation by you after the contractual term
After the contractual term of your lease contract has expired, you can cancel the lease contract, subject to one calendar month's notice period. This means that if you cancel the lease contract on May 15 and the notice period is one month, the lease contract will end on July 1 - and not on June 15.
d. Cancellation by us after the contractual term
After the contractual term of your lease contract has expired, we also have the right to terminate the lease contract, subject to one calendar month's notice period.
e. Total loss or theft
Is the vehicle considered a (technical or economic) total loss due to damage or defect? Or is the vehicle stolen/missing (more than 30 days)? And can't we offer you a comparable permanent replacement vehicle? We can then choose to terminate the lease contract.
f. Excessive maintenance costs
If we expect excessive maintenance costs for the vehicle, due to a technical defect or high mileage (more than 120,000 kilometers), we can choose to retrieve the vehicle. If we are unable to offer you a comparable vehicle, we will terminate the lease contract.

8.2. Termination by Lease 2.0
a. In a number of exceptional cases, Lease 2.0 has the right to terminate your lease contract immediately, without judicial intervention. In the event of dissolution, all your payment obligations (remaining lease installments and others from the lease contract and
these general terms and conditions for any invoices) remain in full force. In addition, Lease 2.0 has the right to full compensation, for example due to additional costs of damage, interest and legal assistance.
▪ You do not adhere to or act contrary to the agreements in your lease contract and the General Terms and Conditions;
For example, you do not meet your payment obligations after being repeatedly reminded.
▪ You commit fraud;
For example, you provide us with incomplete or incorrect information before the start or during the term of your lease contract. Or we are forced to terminate your contract based on laws and regulations (such as anti-money laundering rules).
▪ You have a lot of damage and/or traffic fines;
For example, because you repeatedly cause damage with the vehicle to third parties, our WAM insurer no longer wants to insure you, or because you cause more than two hull damage within 12 months, the carrier of the hull risk no longer wants to bear your risk.
▪ You are in serious financial problems;
For example, you are placed under administration / guardianship, a bankruptcy is filed for you, debt mediation / debt restructuring applies to you or your assets are seized.
▪ The vehicle is seized, or an attempt is made to seize the vehicle;
If the vehicle is seized, you must fully compensate us.
▪ You close your business or there is a change in the business form;
You discontinue your business operations or sell important business units.
▪ Cancellation by the insurer of the Lease 2.0 fleet. BV, which means the vehicles are no longer insured.
▪ You settle abroad.
Unless we give you prior written permission to continue the lease contract.

b. You are obliged to inform us as soon as possible if one of the above situations occurs. After termination of your lease contract, you can no longer use our services. If we terminate your lease contract, we request that you return the vehicle to the location specified by us within 5 working days. It is important to carry out this request in a timely manner. If you fail to return the vehicle to us, we have the right to technically block the vehicle for further use without judicial intervention and to collect the vehicle back to our location ourselves. We are not liable for any damage that results or may result from the technical blockage. You are responsible for telling us where the vehicle is located and ensuring that the vehicle is in a location accessible to us. All costs associated with recovering the vehicle will be your responsibility.

Article 9. Return of the Vehicle

9.1. Submission
a. After termination of the lease contract, you return the vehicle and all accessories at the location and time specified by us.
b. You return the vehicle in the same condition as you received it, of course excluding normal wear and tear and pre-approved permanent adjustments.
c. The vehicle must be returned with a full fuel tank.
d. A collection form will be drawn up upon return. The collection form records, among other things, the condition of the vehicle, the mileage, fuel content, return time, and the presence of accessories. You, the regular driver, or another person authorized by you signs the form. If you do not sign the form, the form as we have completed it will apply.
e. You can also use our pick-up service by appointment for a fee. When the vehicle is collected by a driver, a transfer form will be signed. The collection form is only completed at the location of Lease 2.0.

9.2. Condition of the vehicle
a. You ensure that the vehicle is returned neat and clean.
b. You remove temporarily installed accessories and advertising if this does not cause damage or depreciation.
c. You will not receive any reimbursement for accessories not removed.

9.3. Additional costs upon return
After returning the vehicle, you may be faced with additional costs. Below we list the most important options:
a. More kilometers
A settlement of any additional kilometers (see article 5).
b. Costs for damage not previously reported
The deductible for any previously unreported (unacceptable) damage (see Article 4.3). We charge handling costs for unreported damage. Our return guidelines specify which returned damage we consider acceptable and which not.
c. Missing things
We will charge you for missing items from the vehicle. For example, you can think of: accessories, parts of the vehicle, license plate card, fuel card, instruction/maintenance booklet, spare wheel, key, etc.
d. Cleaning costs
Cleaning costs if the vehicle is returned insufficiently clean, or reconditioning costs if the vehicle has been smoked in.
e. Repair costs
Costs we incur to return the vehicle to its original condition, for example removing self-applied accessories and stickers, or costs resulting from careless and improper use.
f. Fuel costs
(Handling) costs for filling the fuel tank if it is not completely filled.

9.4. Failure to return vehicle on time
a. If you do not return the vehicle on time, we are entitled to retrieve the vehicle ourselves. The costs we incur for this are at your expense.
b. We will charge your lease rate for the additional days until the vehicle is at our location, increased by 50%.

9.5. Goods present in vehicle upon return/collection
a. You are responsible for returning or collecting the vehicle clean and without goods. If goods are present in the vehicle during return or collection, we are not responsible nor liable for this. We are in no way liable for any form of damage that you may suffer because the goods are present in the vehicle and you do not have them in your possession;
b. You must inform us in writing within seven days after return or collection which goods should be present in the vehicle, after which we will inform you whether and which goods have been found in the vehicle. Our assessment of the goods is decisive in this regard.
c. We are not obliged to store or take custody of the goods for longer than 14 days and are entitled to destroy these goods afterwards. These costs can be charged to you.
d. We are also entitled, if it concerns goods of value, to sell them and then deduct the proceeds from the outstanding items. These costs can be charged to you.

Article 10. Other provisions

10.1. VAT
All amounts stated in the lease contract and the General Terms and Conditions are exclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.

10.2. Signature
Where the General Terms and Conditions refer to 'signature', this may also mean digital signing or digital approval, including by email.

10.3. Change data
a. Any changes in Chamber of Commerce details, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. must be communicated to us within 5 working days
b. If important correspondence regarding your lease contract does not reach you (on time) because you have not communicated changes to us, you are responsible for any consequences.

10.4. Complaints
a. Are you dissatisfied with our services? We then kindly request that you submit your complaint to us in writing, attn: Complaints handling.
b. We will try to handle your complaint within 2 weeks and find a solution together with you. Can't we figure it out together? We will then submit our dispute to the competent court.

10.5. Privacy
a. We use your personal data, company data and location data to assess and execute your lease contract.
b. We do not provide personal data to third parties unless this is required or permitted by law.
c. For our extensive privacy policy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

10.6. Adjustment of General Terms and Conditions
a. By signing your lease contract you agree to this version of our General Terms and Conditions.
b. Should we change our General Terms and Conditions? You will then be informed of this in a timely manner. Are the changes to your disadvantage? You can then object to the new General Terms and Conditions within 14 days. If you object within the period, the current General Terms and Conditions will remain in force on your existing lease contracts. The new General Terms and Conditions apply to all new lease contracts. This right does not apply if the changes are dictated by legislation and regulations, or if our insurer changes its conditions.

10.7. Joint and several liability
If the lease contract has been signed on your behalf by several (legal) persons, all (legal) persons are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the lease contract.

10.8. Transferability / third party clause
a. Lease 2.0 is entitled to transfer or pledge the (legal and/or economic) ownership of your vehicle and your lease contract to a third party. If we choose to do this, you are obliged to cooperate in a transfer or pledge. This does not affect your rights and obligations. In the event of a transfer or pledge, you retain the same conditions.
b. You may not transfer your rights and obligations under your lease contract and the General Terms and Conditions to a third party without our prior permission.

10.9. Disclaimer and exclusion of liability
a. Lease 2.0 is not liable for damage and/or costs as a result of the vehicle not functioning properly or being unable to use it, such as costs incurred, loss of enjoyment, loss of time and/or additional travel and accommodation costs.
b. You indemnify us and our employees against all claims and demands from third parties arising from or related to the use of the vehicle.
c. In the event of force majeure, we have the right to terminate the lease contract or suspend our obligations. We are then not obliged to pay compensation.

10.10. Dutch law
a. Dutch law applies to the lease contract and these General Terms and Conditions.
b. If there are disputes that we cannot resolve together, we will submit the dispute to the East Brabant District Court.
c. The decision of a court of competent jurisdiction that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions or rights which shall remain in full force and effect, with the exception of the invalid or unenforceable provision or part of them.


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